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Are you an instrumental artist and would you be interested in covering one of my melodic instrumentals?

After many years of composing in the contemporary instrumental/New Age genre, I have always wanted to hear other artists cover a select few of my compositions. As an arranger, I hear in my head many variations of how to interpret these songs, but to give the chance to anyone who would like to arrange their own interpretation would be something special.

The tracks selected lend to an emotional depth and are structured well with memorable melodies.

Any possible combination of instruments as leads and accompaniment, organic and synthetic are possible, it's up to your imagination.

If you have an ear for transcription and can transcribe the harmonic progression and melody from a pre-recorded composition, please feel free to listen to the Spotify Playlist “A Call to Cover” below and choose a track to cover. You have free reign to create any style of arrangement that showcases the melody that could be performed by any instrument.

No lyrics, instrumentals only please.

Once you have created the recording, you can add it to your album/CD release, or release it as a single for streaming.

All I ask is for a visit to Harry Fox and apply for a mechanical cover license. Visit Harry Fox's "Songfile" to learn how to get a “Cover” license -

I have been blessed to share my music with the world and I would be honored to hear other’s interpretations. If you choose to embark on this journey, have fun and enjoy the process. Email me at to share your artistry with me.

Thank you ~ Curtis Macdonald


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